Sweet Vinyasa, level 2/3

A rhythmic vinyasa flow linking breath with conscious and dynamic movement. Designed to inspire a flow of energy, this class will generate heat, increase your strength and flexibility, and create the space for sweetness to flow.

Yoga Rx, level 1

An accessible class for beginners and seasoned yogis who want to move slowly and carefully. Using props, we focus on developing strength, mobility, concentration and steady balance, while cultivating tools for self-compassion.

Yoga Basics / Yoga Unwind, level 1/2

Drawing our attention towards the breath and sensations in the body, we build our foundation of postures from the ground up. With slow and steady pacing, this class aims to be accessible for beginners and returning yogis.

Yin Yoga, all levels

A slow, passive deep stretch class with long holds to awaken the connective tissue, mobilize the joints, and get us in the mood to meditate. This practice results in a quiet, clear mind and spacious body.

Restorative Yoga, all levels

Using props to support the body in deep relaxation, this peaceful practice is designed to reduced stress and anxiety and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. You will feel rested and refreshed.

Senior Yoga, level 1- $10

Moving at a slow, safe, and mindful pace, this class incorporates a blend of modalities to support a more confident and vibrant lifestyle as we age.

Yoga Mama, all levels

Yoga for mamas of all stages of pregnancy, postpartum and early motherhood: providing supportive, nourishing, and energizing poses, breathing and meditation to honor the experience and changes of new motherhood and beyond.

Rise and Shine, level 1

Designed to offer relief, ease, and freedom in the body and mind, this class moves at a slow enough pace to help us experience the magic of breath, awareness, and mindfulness centered in the body.

Soulful Sunday, all levels

Ease into your Sunday with this soulful celebration. We explore fluid movement, breath, and sound. You will feel more inspired, energized, and open hearted.