Adam is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga. He teaches with heart, humility, and intelligence, demonstrating his vast knowledge of the physical and subtle anatomy, yogic philosophy, and human connection. I have been studying the Primary Series with Adam for a year. Adam‘s steady attention and skillful understanding of alignment, sequencing, breath, and working with injuries and limitations, has brought my practice to whole new level of strength, focus, and integration.”
-Alana, 33, Creative Content Manager at Yoga Anytime,  former Studio Manager and Director  at Lulu Bandha’s Yoga School, Ojai, Ca.
“Yoga for me is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. That is why I have fallen in love with it. Over my years of doing many different types of yoga with many different teachers, it is only a few who touch me on all of these levels. Adam’s practice and teaching is one of these. He brings humility, integrity, an attitude of care and service, a passion for learning and (importantly) a light heart. His approach is infused by his training in both Ashtanga yoga and council. This helps him integrate the discipline of the Ashtanga practice with the ability to listen to what the moment is calling for. I would highly recommend Adam if you want more than the gym in your yoga practice.”
-Miriam, mid-40s, Corporate Trainer and Mother of 3
Adam‘s dedication to the Ashtanga practice is the first thing that is apparent in his teaching. His confident manner gave me a sense of trust. His ability to understand and clearly explain how to adapt the practice for my body has given me the confidence to develop a serious practice at home.”
– Jeff, 61, Grandfather and Educator
I wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed your teaching! It’s been my first experience with Ashtanga and I love it… The mat set up, no music, no frills, and plenty of beautiful Sanskrit. The Mysore practice is incredible. I can’t help but think, “now this is how yoga is meant to be practiced”. And your calm energy, sense of humor, and spot on adjustments make it all come together so seamlessly. Thank you!
– Sarah